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About Us

Our Mission

Whether you are a patient we have transported, a member of one of the many public safety agencies we work with, a staff member at one of the acute care facility we serve, or a citizen in one of the cities we provide 911 service, we want to say thank you for letting us serve you over the past years.

Throughout the years we have been able to remain focused on providing quality ambulance service to our community. We take great pride in doing whatever it takes to exceed customer expectations.

We feel this is the direct result of the outstanding employees that we have, and have had work here at Ambulance Service Inc. over the years. There is no other factor that has had such a direct bearing on our success as a company.  Our employees are the "Best of the Best" and are our most important asset.

We are proud of our entire organization, and will continue our commitment to provide the same quality service for years to come.

Community Oriented
Ambulance Service Inc. is a "Community Oriented" service provider. We have been actively participating in the communities we serve since 1969.

Whether participating in organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, or actively supporting local non-profits and charities, we work hard to deepen our community relationships.  We provide community education and public awareness programs to all levels of a community. From small elementary school class safety demonstrations to major public awareness campaigns, we get involved and stay involved.

If you would like more information about our community education programs or find out about scheduling an event for your group, please contact Mike at ASI.

Who We Are
Mike, Managing Paramedic
Lacie, Paramedic
Adam, Paramedic
Amy, Paramedic
JoDee, EMT

Jayson, EMT

Dane, EMT
Joyce, Office Manager

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